I have been busy drawing away and loving it! I love drawing flowers and plants from my garden. Enjoy!



Feeling Inspired at last!!

I was full of creativity today and it was great, my friend Shelley went for a power walk throught the park and then we met again to see what we had acheived today and I was inspired. Thankyou Shelley x

Knitting Needle ‘to do’ Book

I made a little book out of some old knitting needles today and it worked out great. I will perfect my process and then post a tutorial soon. Nice to be creative again.

I also gathered up my vegies out of the garden for salad to night to have with our dinner and it was delicious! Isn’t  it great to grow your own!


1,2,3 and GO!

I haven’t been very creative lately with everything going on in my life but I am starting on some little projects this week to get me in the groove. I have almost set up my new room to be creative in. So watch this space.

We had a wedding in the weekend and we had the loveliest time. We all got dressed up in our glad rags and jumped in our carriage and we were off. My 3 darling sons got all dressed up and looked so grown up! I had a secret little cry in my bedroom before we left because they are growing up so quickly right in front of my eyes and I want them to slow down just a little! Make the most of every day eh!

our new house

So purchased a house and it is wonderful!!! I haven’t been very creative tho, but almost finished setting up my little space. It has been busy getting everything into it’s rightful place and there are still boxes to unpack.

The garden is amazing but am having to study up on a few things and the kids are loving having a flat section to zoom around on!…..

Coptic Stitch Book


I have made three coptic stitch books so far and each time I do it they get better so I will keep plugging on! It is fun and you get faster at the stitching as you go. I watched a brillant tutorial on YouTube which really helped me!

Christmas frenzy

 I can feel the Christmas frenzy starting already and I have started my shopping a few weeks ago! Alot will be handmade for those that i know will totally love it! My camera has been broken by the ‘little darlings’! and I feel like my right arm has been chopped off, so this week I am going to get a new one….guess what my christmas present will be this year?

Have being getting into my ‘Doilie Bookbinding’ and have been teaching myself ‘Coptic Stitch Bookbinding’ so will post soon once I have got better at it!


Surprise party!

We had secret birthday party planned for our lovely friend, Helen….and what a suprise it was, we caught her totally off guard, a few happy shocked tears were shed! We had all made gluten/ dairy free dishes for those of us that were intolerant and dressed up ‘Fru Fru Over the top’ and sipped on Champagne!

Yummy hot bread and tulips!

I was lying on the couch yesterday, which was a lazy Sunday, watching the Food Channel. They were making beautiful bread and my mouth started watering and so today I decided to make bread! It turned out great and the kids love it!

I also found yesterday an old piece of art work that I did in my last year at high school and had a wee chuckle to myself! They say that when you do something like this that there is meant to be a likeness to the creator!! I’m not sure about this!

What a great day!

We had the best day at Craft 2.0. Ruby sold out all her liitle felt animals in the first hour! We met all our lovely crafting friends and made new friends! I am tired but happy tired. Now it is time to get ready for the next fair which is here in Paekakariki. The Paekakariki School fair is a blast!

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